Spring Gathering 2024

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Event Schedule

Friday, March 8
6:00 – 9:00: Registration – Love Dining Hall
6:00 – 9:00: Grail Decoration – Love Dining Hall
8:00 – 9:00: AIA Drumming – Love Dining Hall
9:00 – Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark – Love Dining Hall
10:15: Cracker Barrel – Love Dining Hall

Saturday, March 9
8:00: Breakfast – Love Dining Hall
8:30 – 12:15: Activities
12:30: Lunch – Love Dining Hall
1:15-2:15: Campwide Service Project – youth and adult (required, location TBA)
2:15 – 4:00: Shooting Games and Climbing Activities
6:00: Brotherhood Trail begins
6:30: Dinner – Love Dining Hall
7:00: Campfire Program & Costume Contest – Love Dining Hall
8:00: Tailypo – Games and Crafts, Love Dining Hall
8:30: Brotherhood Ceremony – Osceola Campsite
9:00: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Love Dining Hall
10:15: Cracker Barrel – Love Dining Hall

Sunday, March 10
7:40: Interfaith Service – Love Dining Hall
8:15: Breakfast – Love Dining Hall
9:00: Camp clean-up by Chapter – assignments posted on bulletin board in Love Dining Hall
Once camp is clean: LEC – Bill Loeble Room

Campsite Assignments
Assignments given at checkin. 
Interfaith Service Program

Interfaith Service
Spring Fellowship 2024
Bert Adams Scout Camp

“The visions we offer our children shape the future. It matters what those visions are.”
― Carl Sagan

Welcome / Call to Worship
I ask that you take a moment to look around at all of the Brothers here, in this moment, sharing
together this extraordinary experience of being alive and of dedicating ourselves to working
toward improving the lives of scouts.

Look around knowing that all the others gathered here are different. Everyone brings their own
life experiences, beliefs, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. May we be mindful of the unity
and strength in these differences aligned to a common goal.
This is the power of one. We are all working towards the same goal…preparing scouts to
become responsible, participating citizens guided by the Scout Oath and Law.

May we be mindful of the unity we have in our single yet diverse human family with common
values and shared needs.

Responsive Reading
We Meet to Serve
Leader: We meet to serve our community,
Scouts: to use our resources wisely and well,
Leader: to represent all members of our community fairly,
Scouts: to make decisions that promote the common good.
Leader: We recognize our responsibility to the past and the future,
and the rights and needs of both individuals and community.
All: May we act wisely and well.

As we come together at this special time, let us pause a moment to appreciate the opportunity
for good company and to thank all those, past and present, whose efforts have made this event
possible. We reap the fruits of our society, our Country, and our civilization, and we take joy in
the bounties of Nature on this happy occasion. Let us also wish that, someday, all people on
Earth may enjoy the same good fortune that we share.

Inspirational Reading
“Do not worry in the least about yourself, leave all worry to God,” – this appears to be the
commandment in all religions. This need not frighten anyone. He who devotes himself to service
with a clear conscience, will day by day grasp the necessity for it in greater measure, and will
continually grow richer in faith. The path of service can hardly be trodden by one who is not
prepared to renounce self-interest, and to recognize the conditions of his birth. Consciously or
unconsciously, every one of us does render some service or other. If we cultivate the habit of
doing this service deliberately, our desire for service will steadily grow stronger, and will make
not only for our own happiness but that of the world at large.
― Mahatma Ghandi

The Pursuit of Happiness
There was once a group of 100 people attending a seminar on personal development.
In the middle of their talk, the speaker stops and decides to run an impromptu group activity. He
hands out a balloon to each attendee and tells them to write their name on it.
The balloons are then collected and placed in an adjacent room.
The speaker then instructs the 100 attendees to enter that room and, within 5 short minutes,
find the balloon with their name on it.
Pandemonium breaks loose as they charge in, pushing and colliding with each other as they
desperately search for their name.
The 5 minutes pass and nobody succeeds.
The speaker then tells each person to pick up any random balloon and give it to the person
whose name is written on it. Within a few minutes everyone has their balloon back.

He then said, “What just happened with those balloons is exactly what happens in our search
for happiness. We frantically look for it all around us, not knowing where it is.”
“Yet our happiness lies in the happiness of others. By giving them their happiness, you get
Moral of the story: Happiness and fulfilment rarely come from selfish pursuits, but almost always
come from doing good deeds for others. By helping others, we help ourselves.

Closing / Benediction
May kindness grow within us, bringing deeper awareness of life’s facets, touching all who we
meet, with a good feeling, brightening the day of others, in our wake.
May each action we take, be rooted in kindness. In everything, there is a kind and unkind way to
move forward, to resolve a situation, to be.
May the depth of our kindness increase, daily.

Camp Cleanup Assignments

Achewon: Dining Hall Bathrooms

Echota: Amphitheater

Etowah: Lower Dining Hall

Kennesaw: AC Bathhouses

Lowanne: Dining Hall

Nagatamen: Dining Hall

Osten: BB Range

Silepl: AC Bathhouses

TQB: Dining Hall

Thennethlofkee: Dining Hall

Wesadicha: Parade Field


When everyone is finished please have them come back to the DH to help finish

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