Spring Gathering 2022

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Event Schedule

3Friday, March 11

6:00-9:00: Registration – Love Dining Hall

8:30 Chapter Flag/Prop making- Love Dining Hall

9:00:Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean – Bill Loeble

10:00 Cracker Barrel- Love Dining Hall


Saturday, March 12

7:30: Mile Run – Love Dining Hall

8:00: Breakfast – Love Dining Hall

 9:00-12:15: Morning Sessions

  • Escape the Lower Decks – Moorcock Building Overhangs 
  • Enemy at the Gates- Emerson Field
  • Bail Us Out – Henderson Field
  • Make the Crossing – Fort Brumley
  • What’s That – Emerson Field

12:30: Lunch – Love Dining Hall 

1:15-2:15: Campwide Service Project – youth and adult (required, location TBA)

2:15-4:00 Campwide Games – Emerson Field

  • Kuub
  • Cornhole
  • Gaga ball
  • Treasure hunt

2:15-4:00: Campwide Service Project – adult (optional, location TBA)

6:30: Brotherhood Trail begins – (TBA)

6:30: Dinner – Love Dining Hall

7:30: Fellowship/Game Session – Love Dining Hall

7:30: Totem Painting/Bead Swaps – Love Dining Hall

9:00: Treasure Planet – Love Dining Hall

10:00: Cracker Barrel – Love Dining Hall

11:30 Lights Out

12:00 Camp is Quiet


Sunday, March 13 ** Daylight Savings – Spring Forward**

7:40: Interfaith Worship – Love Dining Hall

8:00: Breakfast – Love Dining Hall

8:30: Camp clean-up by chapter – assignments posted on bulletin board in Love Dining Hall

–        Once camp is clean:  LEC – Bill Loeble room or Love Dining Hall

Campsite Assignments

Everyone can bring a tent or hammock as well if they choose.

AC 10 – Echota/Osteen
AC 9 – Etowah/Kennesaw
AC 8 – Lowanne/Silepl
AC 7 – Nagatamen/TQB/Thennethfolkee
AC 6 – Overflow


Pirate Crews

Crews for activites

1 – Echota & Osteen
2 – Etowah, Nagatamen, & TQB
3 – Kennesaw
4 – Lowanne & Sipepl


Interfaith Service Program

Interfaith Service

Spring Gathering

Bert Adams Scout Camp


“It is your Lord who drives the ship for you through the sea that you may seek of His bounty. Indeed, He is ever, to you, Merciful.”

Welcome and Prayer

Mighty God, thank you for the opportunity to be here in the midst of the beauty and majesty of your creation. Give us the strength to endure the challenges of this day, the wisdom to enjoy each moment, and the courage to push ourselves further than we ever have before. Bless each Scout and each leader as we journey together through the adventure of Scouting. Amen.

Scriptural Readings

Service of God 4.1.9 Psalm 100 

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs. Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture. Enter his gates with thanksgiving And his courts with praise;

Responsive Reading 


Leader: Praise the Lord.

Scouts: Praise the Lord from the heavens.

Leader: Praise God in the heavens above.
Scouts: Praise God, sun and moon.

Leader: Praise God, all you shining stars.
Scouts: Let all of them praise the name of the Lord,

Leader: because God gave a command and they were created.
Scouts: God set them in place for ever and ever.

Leader: God gave them laws they will always have to obey.
Scouts: Praise the Lord from the earth,

Leader: you great sea creatures and all of the deepest parts of the ocean.
Scouts: Praise God, lightning and hail, snow and clouds.

Leader: Praise God, you stormy winds that obey.
Scouts: Praise God, all you mountains and hills.

Leader: Praise God, all you fruit trees and cedar trees.
Scouts: Praise God, all you wild animals and cattle.

Leader: Praise God, you small creatures and flying birds.
Scouts: Praise God, you kings of the earth and all nations.

Leader: Praise God, all you princes and rulers on earth.
Scouts: Praise God, young men and young women.

Leader: Praise God, old people and children.
Scouts: Let them praise the name of the Lord.

Leader: God’s name alone is honored.
Scouts: God’s glory is higher than the earth and the heavens.

ALL: Praise the Lord.


A World Oceans Day Prayer 

Swirling God, who at the dawn of creation swept over the face of the waters, hover over our oceans and all waterways with your blessed presence.

May each droplet of mist and sea be clean and fresh for all life who come in contact with these holy streams.

Bless each cell and molecule of life below the surface of the waters who trust in you and us to create a prosperous world.

Continually nudge us to nurture creation, joining together with humans all over this planet to covenant with one another and celebrate the gifts of water, air, fire, and land that you have given us.



May God bless us and protect us; May God show us favor and be gracious to us; May God show us kindness and grant us peace. Amen



Camp Cleanup Assignments



Remind Text Alert

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