August Induction & Fellowship 

Event Schedule

Friday, August 25

6:00 –9:00 PM Registration at Love Dining Hall
6:00–9:00 PM Candidate gathering at Fort Brumley
7:00 – 8:00 PM Elangomat Meeting at Fort Brumley
10:00 PM Pre – Ordeal Ceremonies should be over
10:00 PM Cracker Barrel at Love Dining Hall
11:30 PM Taps / Lights out

Saturday, August 26

7:15 AM Candidate Breakfast at Henderson Pavilion
7:45 AM Service Project Session 1
8:00 AM Member Breakfast at Love Dining Hall
12:00 PM Candidate Lunch at location of current work site
12:30 PM Member Lunch at Love Dining Hall & Mandatory Brotherhood meeting
***Advisers Lunch/Meeting- Bill Loeble Room (downstairs)

12:30 PM Service Project Session 2 begins
3:45 PM Service Project Session 2 ends leave to return tools NOT BEFORE!!!!
4:00 PM Clans assemble at Henderson Pavilion for Snack
5:00 PM Ordeal Ceremonies begin
6:00 PM Brotherhood Trail Begins – Meet under Back Porch of Love Dining Hall
6:30 PM Dinner at Love Dining Hall.

*** New Ordeal Members, Elangomats, Brotherhood Ceremonialists have priority.

7:00 -10:00 PM Tailypo/Movie for New Ordeal members at Dining Hall/Bill Lobel Room
8:00 PM Brotherhood Ceremony
10:00 PM Lodge Cracker Barrel at Love Dining Hall
11:30 PM Taps / Lights out

*** NEW Ordeal Members, NEW Brotherhood Members, Ceremonialists, and Nimats
have priority

Sunday, August 27

7:40 AM Interfaith Service at Love Dining Hall
8:00 AM Breakfast at Love Dining Hall
8:45 AM New Members receive bag complete digital JUMP Start
8:45 AM Brothers begin camp clean-up by chapter assignment/must be Ranger approved
before release
10:00 AM Brothers dismissed from dining hall
*LEC as soon as camp is cleaned up – location TBD

Campsite Assignments


  • 4 Beds Per Tent – You will be sharing, a scout is courteous, you are welcome to bring your own tent. 
  • “Youth Adult” are those that are 18-20 years old.
  • Do not move the tent assignment cards.
AC-1  Lowanne Nimat
AC-2  Kennesaw
AC-4 Achewon, Silepl, Wesadicha
AC-5 Osten, Nagatamen
AC-6 Etowah
AC-7 Echota
AC-8 ACT, Thennethflokee, Egwa (Youth Adult Males 2- Etowah, 1- Kennesaw, 1-Thennethflokee)


Overflow tents/hammocks can be setup around the AC pod sites if there is room or in the fields across from Fort Brumley.



Interfaith Service Program

Interfaith Service

August Induction 2023

Bert Adams Scout Camp


The Heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork. Open our eyes,

O God, that we may see You everywhere. Grant that our hearts may be in harmony with the

beauty and order that is about us, and that we may live as loving children in our Father’s world.



Leader: God is the Eternal One, Who reigned before any being had yet been created; When all

was done according to God’s will, God’s Name was already Sovereign.

Scouts: And after all has ceased to be, still will God reign in solitary majesty; God was, God is,

God shall be in glory.

Leader: And God is One, without comparison, without being, without end; To God belongs

power and dominion.

Scouts: And the Sovereign of all is my God, My living Redeemer, My rock in time of trouble and

distress; My banner and my Refuge, My benefactor, to whom, in anguish, I can call.

All: Into God’s hands I entrust my spirit, Both when I sleep as when I wake; And with my spirit,

my body also: God is with me, I will not fear.




Our Father,

All: make us trustworthy,

Leader: for there are those who trust us.

All: Make us loyal,

Leader: for through loyalty we reach our highest ideals.

All: Teach us to be helpful,

Leader: for through helpfulness do we forget our selfishness.

All: Make us friendly,

Leader: for there are so many who need a friend.

All: Train us in courtesy,

Leader: for courtesy is the carpet on life’s floor.

All: Make us kind,

Leader: for kindness is the oil in the cogs of life’s machinery.

All: Make us cheerful,

Leader: for cheerfulness is the green grass among the rocks in the path of life.

All: Train us in thrift,

Leader: for thrifty habits brighten our future.

All: Make us brave;

Leader: brave in the dark and brave in the light, but save us from becoming fakers of bravery.

All: Help us to be clean;

Leader: clean in thoughts, in speech, and in deed. And may we remember that our bodies are Thy holy temples, and that any abuse thereof is to tamper with Thy Great Plans.

Above all, O God,

All: help us to be reverent toward all things

Leader: which Thou hast made for our enjoyment when we are in Thy great out-of-doors, among the trees, along the streams, and on the hillsides.  May we know it was Thee who made the waters to flow, the trees to reach heavenward, the mountains to endure all ages.

In all these things we ask that Thou wilt help us. And may we never forget the Scout Oath to which we all have pledged ourselves, so that through Thy help we may live these points of our Scout Law.

-Lord Baden-Powell

The Value of the Arrow (How God views man)

Arrows made by hand by the hunter represent a large investment of time and skill. They were guarded very closely. In the same way, God made humans special and gave us the ability to be stewards over all creation. (Gen. 1:26)

We represent a major investment by God. He made us in His own image and after His likeness. He has done and will do for us all we could ever expect. God is close to those who call out to Him. (Ps. 145:17)

As we examine our innermost selves daily, we should seek to determine whether we are a good arrow for God or whether there may be some aspects of our lives that require adjustment. God is there to help – all we have to do is ask!

BENEDICTION – A Simple Blessing

May you walk in Peace, Live with Love, Work with Joy, And May Your God go with you.


Camp Cleanup Assignments
Achewon Henderson
AC 10 Shower House
Etowah Dining Hall
Pool/Ashley Bathrooms
AC 5 Shower House
Osten AC 1-5
Silpel AC 6-10
TQB Triple J
Thennefolfkee Dining Hall
Wesadicha Dining Hall
Wvhvlv Dining Hall
Bird House Showerhouse


Remind Text Alert

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